Tokyo Vacations

Tokyo Vacations


Tokyo, the heart of Japan is one of the most preferred holiday destination of a lot of Americans. Regarded as the World city Tokyo ranked first in the ‘Best Overall Experience’. It offers a rich and a ‘clean’ experience for anyone visiting it. It’s clean sidewalks and subways, which are sometimes jam-packed with people can surprise you as people here understand discipline and do not mind waiting in queues in subways.

Better time to visit Tokyo:

For best bargains and decent hotel stays Late september to november and march through may are a favourable for a vaction to Tokyo.

Main Airports in Tokyo:

Currently the international terminal at HND is much less busy than NRT, which enables you to clear immigration and customs very quickly.It's much closer to city center from HND than from NRT, as you know.Still new SQ's schedules to/from HND don't seem to be that desirable especially if you use public transport.

Places to visit in Tokyo:

Tokyo is a fascinating and perplexing Japanese city. Why should you Visit Tokyo? It’s for a unique experience and a lasting life time venture.

Amazing Atmosphere:- Like a super city with dazzling lights and a crowd of vibrant people marching for their daily races presents a sight that may be quite uncommon. A walk through the city can be humbling for anyone. What’s more attractive at this place is that you do not need loads of money to feel alive and feel refreshed.

Ethnic and the Vibrant:- The blend of old and the new is a rare these days and you can enjoy it here in Japan. You find temples of all sizes and shapes popping up in between the modern buildings. Yukatas and Kimonos are even now a favorite outfit of the Japanese. Another exciting factor for any tourist is getting whatever is required from a vending machine.

Exclusive Japanese Cuisine:- Let your taste buds savor the taste of Japanese Sushi. You have the tuna auction which is a rare sight and is not possible in any other place. Even though you do not like eating fish, the Tsukiji Market place is definitely worth the visit. For a change, it is worth trying out the Takoyaki (Octopus Balls), which is made in ball shape with diced octopus at its core, a batter cooked in a pan filled with pickled ginger, and multiple other ingredients. Why not Try out the Yakitori(Skewered Food) which can be meat or even vegetables on a stick with some local flavors.

Holiday:- Travel to Tokyo and enjoying the holiday is not as expensive as you think. Use public transport, a comfortable option can help you save some money. Eating out here is not too expensive either.

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