New York Vacations

New York Vacations


New York is the most visited city in U.S. It is a large and a very populated city in USA. It is famous for nightlife, food, art, fashion, and theater. The city has diverse culture, is welcoming and safe. It makes you feel as if you belong to this place. People frequent this place through the year from all over the world. Americans travel too to this place during their vacation.

Better time to visit New York:

Well the better time is anytime to visit New York.For winter season experience and economical stay at Hotels New York City is the better in US.Come Springs and you can enjoy Window Shopping in Lavish outdoor markets.If you visit during early fall You will be able to experience a comfortable temperature with bright sun and crisp breezes.

Flying to New York from Top U.S. Cities :

New York has two highly popular airports which is JFK and LaGuardia.For hassle free Air travel and to avoid boarding Queues always do online check-in of New York.Nonetheless, make sure that you have chosen the bettertraveling partner. With the help of online booking, you can plan your trip to New York with considerable ease. For effective pricing on air tickets to New York, you should book them one or two months prior to date of travel. Do look for special air ticket deals to New York to enjoy savings. However, before purchase make sure that you compare air ticket price offered by various options.

Places to visit in New York :

Statue of Liberty(Liberty Islands):- For the city of New York and America, it is a symbol of opportunity and freedom. The statue is 150 feet tall and is there since 1865. This represents what America means to the world. New York cannot be imagined without this iconic statue.

Times Square(Manhattan):- Times Square is the heart of New York. Situated at the intersection of Seventh Ave and Broadway is filled with glamour and glitz. You can admire New York skyline with soaring skyscrapers,the golden arches and not to forget glittering nightlife. And as they say,Just select your spot, grab a drink, and feel the pulse of Midtown Manhattan.

Brooklyn Bridge:- Its a prominent bridge featured in most novels and movies. You can admire this modern architecture wonder and take a walk to catch the spectacular view of Manhattan or Brooklyn. The beauty of this romantic place will surely enchant you for a long time.

New York Nightlife:- When the sun sets behind the tall skyscrapers, the New York City comes alive.The real city experience can never be complete without a night stay. You can catch a show at Apollo Theater and go for a concert. You can also grab a drink or two in one of the many bars.

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